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Monday, September 12, 2005


Stealing Guns

"Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons," said police chief Edwin Compass III.

Should read: Edwin Compass III, soon to be ex-police chief and convicted felon.

Anyway, check out Gun Law News (Sept 9th post) and their links (especially Volokh and the ABC video...if you've got even a single bone of a patriot in your body you will be disgusted and outraged).

Now, I would like to make one observation. There are a lot of gun owners out there who claim to subscribe to the "They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers" doctrine. I think it is worth noting that there has yet been a reported case (to my knowledge) of anyone making such a stand in La.

I'm not suggesting that I hope someone will take such a stand because that would lead, sort of by definition, to the death of someone who really doesn't deserve it. However, the question this brings to mind is whether or not the basic human right of self defense (which is, incidentally, recognized in both the federal and La constitutions) means anything at all if it can be so easily tossed aside whenever the powers that be decide they need to do so.

I was very glad to see reports of citizens banding together for the common defense in unflooded areas. But then I took at look at the ABC video (linked above) and saw American soldiers going from American home to American home with automatic weapons at the ready, disarming law-abiding, fellow Americans and then 'letting' them stay (unarmed) in their homes. I've heard people claim that American troops would never obey an order to fire upon their own countrymen. Lacking any evidence to the contrary, I cautiously believed them. Now I'm not so sure.

May God protect our fighting men in and out of uniform.


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