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Monday, September 12, 2005


(Shotgun-totin') Penn Mighter Than Sword?

Altered by my internet-news-savvy father, I rushed over to Drudge to shamelessly steal this picture. That's right folks, your eyes do not deceive you. That's Sean Penn carrying a shotgun. As my aforementioned internet-news-savvy father put it in the alerting email:

Didja see Drudge. Supposedly Sean Penn is pictured in the NY Post walking through the streets of New Orleans carrying a Gasp!! Shotgun. Let's consider the contradictions. Let's NOT go to war with Saddam because all he's guilty of is : rape, murder, torture, war crimes, mutilation, fraud and theft and violations of international law. And that's just off the top of my head.

BUT, he's ready and willing to blast the liver out of any low-life (American) New Orleanian who gets in his way. And how are shotguns different from the dreaded handgun?

I would like to forward the theory that Mr. Penn (and I use that title loosely) is surrounded by (off-camera) security guards and his WMD (have you ever seen the shot dispersal pattern of a 12ga?) is unloaded (a la Algore).


And who's surprised by this? Really, if you still trust CNN (or just about any MSM organization) you deserve the downtrodden, hopeless feeling you've got right now.


Eh, as long as I'm throwing links around I've got two more good ones for you.

First, Jay Tea at Wizbang takes it to the Blame The Feds/Bush crowd (including Paul of Wizbang fame).

Second, the always outstanding Volokh Conspiracy has a great series of posts on the legal issues surrounding the (illegal) gun seizures in NO. Previous posts are linked at the bottom.


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