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Friday, September 23, 2005


Protection Against Terrorism

I've had a number of anti-gun types tell me that it was stupid of people to rush out an get pistol permits following 9/11/01. After all, they argue, carrying a weapon is not going to protect you against a terrorist attack. True enough if the bad guys come at us with nuclear weapons. On the other hand...

LOS ANGELES - Three men charged in a terror investigation were planning shooting rampages at Los Angeles-area military sites to retaliate for what they called the oppression of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to court documents.
Samana told investigators the three men planned to storm a facility with firearms in September or October, then flee in a vehicle, the affidavit said.

The FBI said Patterson bought a .223-caliber rifle and Samana practiced shooting at a local park, possibly with a shotgun.

All accepted the possibility of dying in an attack, with Patterson believing "the ultimate goal is to die for Allah in jihad," according to the affidavit.
I can think of no reason why law-abiding American citizens should not be armed and capable of helping them along the path leading to a face-to-face with Allah.

Ask yourself: If you happen to be in the path of their terrorist brethren on a future shooting rampage, do you want to be the person cowering in the corner hoping they don't kill you, or do you want to be the one watching for an opening to make some big noise and do some good?

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