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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Leaving New Orleans

I've blogged few stories I've run across about people dealing with the aftermath of Katrina in various was, mostly good (1, 2, 3). Well, here is an account that is less than inspiring (expect, of course, that he survived):

I had two reasons. First, my landlady could not take her dogs, which we both loved very much. So I kept them until she could come back and get them a few days later. The second reason was my neighbor. She's about eighty years old and maybe eighty pounds and she was all alone. Her son was supposed to come get her and take her to safety.
Since I stayed to help her, she had told me her son would be happy to take me with them. As it turned out, he picked her up days after in the pre-dawn hours and never came to get me. So I was stuck, and my last available ride out was gone. It was time to go on my own.
It doesn't get much better from there. The only comment I have is compare this with some of the more positive accounts and two factors seem to emerge as predictors of how things are going to go.

Number 1: Extent of damage and flooding.
Number 2: State of arms.

Obviously no one could control, except by getting out of town, the extent of damage and flooding to which they were exposed. However, just about anyone can easily control whether or not they're armed. The differences between the hardships experienced by those who were armed and those who were not should be painfully obvious. Keep that in mind and remember that no matter where you life you are not immune from disasters, whether they be natural or man-made.


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