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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Gun Law News

Great post at Gun Law News (September 12th, 2005...no perma links). Here's the money quote:

Let's start by going back to the basics and remember what the Bill of Rights are about. They are restrictions on the power of the government. They define rights of citizens that are inherent in being a human and predate the formation of the government. They are not rights that are granted by the government to its citizens. On the contrary, the government exists because we the people say it does and only has the powers we grant it.

So, can the government suspend the Second Amendment in the face of civic emergencies or civil unrest. No. Because the government did not 'grant' any rights defined by the Bill of Rights, they have no power to suspend those rights.
It's so nice to find other people who understand what the term "Inalienable Rights" means.


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