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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Gay Marriage In CA

While I still do not agree with the legal sanctioning of gay marriage, I wanted to point out the first example of it being done correctly (are you listening Massachusetts?):

The California Legislature on Tuesday became the first legislative body in the country to approve same-sex marriages, as gay-rights advocates overcame two earlier defeats in the Assembly.

The 41-35 vote sends the bill to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Now, it's up to the people of CA to show either their support of disapproval for this legislative decision at the polls next time around. This is how a Representative Republic is supposed to work (I'll ask again, are you listening, Massachusetts?)

One little thing that caught my attention:

Assemblyman Tom Umberg, a Democrat who abstained when another gay marriage bill fell four votes short in June, said he was concerned about what his three children would think of him if he didn't join those "who sought to take a leadership role in terms of tolerance, equality and fairness."
This guy should be voted out of office if for no other reason than he makes legislative decisions based on what is "children would think of him". Last time I checked parents were supposed to show children was is right and wrong, not the other way around. Maybe that's just me.


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