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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Eviction in New London

Michael Cristofaro has sent me another update from New London:

NLDC has hit a new low. They have decided to ignore the Governors morotorium and have sent out letters stating we need to vacate the property's in 90 days(Dec. 8th) and we must send them starting Sept 1st. $600/month for rent. There are more stipulations but this is the jist of it. I've contacted 2 of the councilors tonight to see where they stand on the issue and if they were even aware of this new tactic. I will let you know what their remarks are if they ever call me back.
This is outrageous. Even if you accept that the NLDC has the power to toss these people out of their homes (which, under current law, they do), demanding that the home/property owners pay $600/month back rent is absurd. What a weapon of intimidation. The NLDC is, in effect, saying: Go ahead and fight us, but if you lose, you lose big. What a bunch of arrogant pieces of you-know-what.

It would appear that the NLDC has now gone against their word. As I quoted back on July 26th:

New London — The president of the New London Development Corp. said Monday the agency will bow to the wishes of the state and allow houses in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood to stand while the legislature considers changing state law to limit the power of eminent domain.
90 days isn't a long time, but hopefully it's enough for the good guys to counter the latest from the dirty, low-down, word-breakin', politican-ass-kissin' NLDC.

Update (10am):

Michael just sent me the IJ press release regarding NLDC's recent eviction letters. Here's the text, since I can't find it online yet:

New London Development Corporation
Breaks Eminent Domain Moratorium Pledge

Some Fort Trumbull Residents
Ordered to Vacate Homes in 90 Days
And Pay NLDC Rent

Washington, D.C.—Breaking its word and defying both Governor M. Jodi Rell and the Connecticut legislature, the New London Development Corporation (NLDC) has apparently decided not to abide by a moratorium called for by both the governor and legislature. At least two residents in so-called Parcel 3 of the Fort Trumbull area on Monday, September 12, 2005, received notices (dated September 9, 2005) that they must vacate the properties in 90 days and must start paying rent to the NLDC during that period.

“The NLDC’s actions are breathtaking in their arrogance and defiance of the wishes of Governor Rell and Connecticut’s legislature,” said Scott Bullock, a senior attorney at the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Justice, which represents the Fort Trumbull homeowners. “The NLDC is an unelected, unaccountable body that has been given the government’s eminent domain power and is out of control. It is time Connecticut’s political leaders at the state and local levels reel in this group that has been abusing the rights of New London property owners,” he added.

Less than two months ago, on July 26, 2005, the NLDC agreed to honor a moratorium called for by the Connecticut legislature and agreed not to seek to take possession of the homes while the legislature considered changing its eminent domain laws.

“Virtually the entire country is against the abuse of eminent domain by the NLDC, but its actions demonstrate that it could not care less what it has done to the rights of the citizenry and reputation of New London,” added Dana Berliner, another Institute senior attorney.

Berliner added that unless the NLDC agrees again to abide by the moratorium, Connecticut political leaders at either the state or local level must formally pass one to force the NLDC not to let anything happen to the homeowners while the Connecticut legislature considers changing its eminent domain laws.


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