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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Connecticut Emergency Preparedness

I happened to catch part of the Brad Davis show this morning on the radio. He was talking about the official Connecticut Emergency Preparedness Guide (or whatever they're calling it) and a guy named Andrew called in with some advice.

He started out by referencing the breakdown of civil authority in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and suggested that the people of CT should take steps to prepare for similar situations if a major natural disaster should befall this state. Brad agreed wholeheartedly and suggested that people call 860-509-8000 (after 8:30am today) to request a copy of the state's official policy. While Andrew thought that was a great idea, he had an addition. I'll paraphrase:

Andrew: That's a great idea Brad [whoops, already said that] but I think people should go a little further. Everyone, you know, especially single mothers who are especially responsible for their children's safety should take additional steps. There are some great local companies that can help you prepare a holistic approach to planning for emergencies. You know, like Colt and Smith & Wesson. [Holistic, Colt and Smith & Wesson all in the same breath. Never thought I'd live to see the day =)]

Brad: Well, you know I think the government here in CT is far more functional than the LA government. I think that's what's come out of this horrible situation down on the Gulf coast, that the LA and New Orleans' governments were just plain inept.

Andrew: I still think that people should...

Brad: Yes, I hear what you're saying. But I think that the CT government, with the best State Police in the nation, is fully capable of providing protection to state residents. The thing I'm more worried about is the highway structure.

Andrew: Well, yeah. You should pretty much plan on not going anywhere.

Brad: Exactly. I think that's where we should be focusing our efforts, on improving the highway structure in the state.
That's as close as I can remember. The point I want to make is that even someone like Brad Davis, with whom I usually agree, takes the stance that the government can and will provide for your personal safety and protection. That, my friends, is an absolute outright lie...or a major and (for a radio talk show host inexcusable) misjudgment.

Even in the best of times, the government has ruled that the government has absolutely no obligation to provide any particular person with protection. Fact: Police forces just don't have the resources to provide 24/7 personal protection to each and every person within their jurisdiction. And that is in the best of times. What about the worst of times, like during a natural (or man-made) disaster? Do you really think that even by recalling all officers to their posts that they will have the manpower to protect you...personally?

That is a question each and every one of us must answer. Whether you come down on the side of Brad Davis (fix the roads!) or if you side with Andrew (Colt or Smith & Wesson!), remember...it is you (not the police) who must live with your decision.

As for official emergency preparedness and what you should do, if you're in CT call 860-509-8000 for the official guide. I'm not sure what they'll send, but I'd imagine it'll be similar to the state's National Disaster Plan. Additionally, at least some towns in CT have their own plans that might provide additional local info (e.g., West Hartford).

Whatever you do, please don't bury your head in the sand and think, "Oh, that'll never happen here." That way, my friends, leads directly to the line of pitiful humanity outside the Superdome waiting for the government to rescue them. Don't be that person. Be the guy, or gal, who stands up for him/herself.


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