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Friday, August 19, 2005


Shoot To Kill In London

I've been meaning to get to this since I heard about the new information that has come to light in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot and killed by London police. It would seem that the powers-that-be in London decided to make the unforgivable mistake of covering up the truth. The thing of it is that the truth has a way of making its way to the light, and when it does those involved in the cover-up should not be forgiven (a la Richard Nixon).

So, I will say this: Given what I know of the video footage (via news reports) the London police where apparently wrong to shoot and kill Mr. Menezes. This mistake, while awful and tragic could very well have been an honest one. However, even if we give them the benefit of the doubt this is obviously not a mistake that should be taken lightly or in any way accepted. The officers who took part in shooting this apparently innocent man should be held accountable for what they did given what they knew at the time.

As for the powers-that-be who decided to cover it up and put out misinformation...they should be removed from whatever office they might currently hold (again, a la Richard Nixon). This is a mistake not of judgment in the heat of the moment, but of the cold, calculated variety that must not be condoned, overlooked or otherwise gotten away with.

The people involved in the cover-up have done major harm to the efforts of the London police (and police in other cities and countries, for that matter). Police officers are now more likely to hesitate when observing someone whom he might legitimately shoot-to-kill (i.e., someone actually wearing a big coat, actually refusing to stop when ordered to do so and actually vaulting a turnstile) for fear of the backlash if s/he turns out to be wrong.

As to the two tuff guys who commented at my earlier post, I say this...I do not back down one iota from my position that the police should shoot-to-kill anyone wearing a bulky coat in warm weather whom fails to stop when ordered to, jumps a turnstile and runs towards a structure that was successfully attacked just the other day. The facts of this case do not change a thing about the actions we should take to defeat terrorists. But since neither of you had the cyber-guts to leave a first name, let alone an email address, I don't suppose you'll even be reading this. Too bad. You sounded really tuff.


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