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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Self Defense In OH

Here's a story from the Buckeye Firearms Association that you won't hear on tonight's evening news, CNN, or probably anywhere else:

An armed robber, who was about to make the largest victim-selection error of his life, entered the motel about this time, brandishing what appeared to be some type of revolver. The bad guy demanded the money, but not satisfied with how things were happening, the bad guy came around the counter in a threatening manner. Keep in mind the average size of a hotel front desk at a budget area motel....and now it was the bad guy, Publius, his co-worker, and the poor woman with a young child who was trying to check in.

Publius felt his life, and the lives of those around him, were in imminent danger of serious physical harm or death, and his training kicked in. Stepping away from the counter, he was able to take advantage of the momentary concealment this offered from the bad guy's field of vision. Drawing his own gun, Publius gave the bad guy a loud, clear authorative command to drop his gun. When the bad guy began to move the handgun towards Publius, Publius engaged him with three rounds. It is believed all three rounds hit the bad guy, who went down immediately. Keeping his gun on the bad guy, Publius moved the bad guy's handgun away from his inert form, then had the police summoned.

The bad guy was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
That's right. In the state with, arguably, the most restrictive, anti-gun laws on the books someone managed to defend himself and (unarmed/helpless) people around him. Remember, this happens every single day but you only hear about gun owners when they do something wrong.

(via Packing.org)


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