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New London Update (2/24/06)
Coverage of the Rally at New London's City Hall (w/ pics)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


New London

Michael Cristofaro confirmed to me today that this story was, in fact, the motion that the IJ had filed and was hoping to be heard in February.

A more complete story is in The Day (you may need a subscription). It sounds like the NLDC is in the threatenin' mood:

“The moratorium is voluntary compliance,” Michael Joplin said. “There was no action taken by the legislature. The governor simply asked that we voluntarily comply, and the whole thing kind of slowed down while the legislature and the executive branch had the opportunity to review this.

“While NLDC said we would comply with the moratorium, it is not the case that we don't feel free to revisit that decision,” Joplin said. “We feel that it's our responsibility and our right to go back and decide that enough court action has been taken for a justifiable action on our part in the future. I'm reserving the right to reconsider our participation in the moratorium.”
To that Michael says:

Joplin's response about negotiating with the property owners - He dosn't get it -WE ARE NOT LEAVING PERIOD!
We are all heading to the State Capitol on Thursday to speak at the public hearing on this abusive power. I hope they get the message and stop New London from destroying its history.

Just a side note. I'm painting the house to show them we do not plan on leaving. If they show up- I'll hand them a paint brush.
I, for one, and glad to see spirits are still high.


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