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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


XM Satellite Radio

I've got a little public service announcement for anyone out there with XM Satellite Radio.

If you have a hardware problem that you want solved here are the numbers to call (if you don't want it solved, just send them an email).

Hardware under warranty:
Hit 1-1-4-1-3 in their phone menu to get to an actual person.
The place to send your defective hardware is:
DPSS Warranty Return Center
ATTN: Sales Department
32411 Industrial Dr.
Madison Heights MI 48071
Include your name, address, phone # and XM code number thingy (on the back of the tuner and on channel zero). For the record, I'd suggest giving them a call before sticking any hardware in the mail.

Two more numbers that might be of interest but are nearly impossible to find (at least I couldn't find them online today).

XM Radio --> 1-800-998-7900
Specmo --> 1-800-545-7911

I honestly don't know what Specmo does, but I'm pretty sure their hardware people as well.


On the off chance you're wondering what my problem was...my XM car antenna crapped out (the message on the tuner was "antenna"). When I had it removed, the insulation had been worn away in multiple places. The XM and Delphi people were very nice and the antenna is still under warranty. With any luck I'll be getting the replacement in a few days and then I'm going to make it very clear to the Best Buy people (installing it) that I do not want this problem again.

Anybody out there had any experience with this issue? Honestly, I kind of hope not =).


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