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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Terror In London

At least six blasts hit London's public transit system this morning with two confirmed deaths (as of 7am Eastern time).

My thoughts are prayers are with the people of Great Britain as they deal with this terrorist attack. Whether the guilty turn out to be al Qaida, some group opposed to the G8 or someone else all together obviously remains to be seen.

We now await the English response. Will they rally to this act of war, and openly identify it as such? Or will they, as we in America did for far too long, classify this as an act that should be dealt with in the criminal system? I certainly hope that it is the former.

Further, I hope and pray that this horrible act will have some positive consequences. I hope that it will have a lasting and positive effect on the collective psyche of the British people. September 11th in America reminded (at least some of) us that there are people in the world who want us dead. That reminder has driven (again, some of) us to be both mentally and physically prepared to face a fight to the death. I certainly pray that the British people will not see this as an opportunity to let the government protect them by further restricting their freedoms, but rather that they will see this as an opportunity to protect themselves and get out from under the suffocating blanket of Big Brother socialism that seems to be ever-more prevalent on their islands.

For now, though, join me in praying for the British dead, wounded, their loved ones and countrymen.


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