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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Take A Minute From Your Busy Day

Take a minute and read this post (and the rest of them, for that matter). Michael Yon is doing some great things covering the Deuce-Four in Mosul. Read it.

Also, read this one:

These cops had nailed the beheaders, rescued the woman, found this cache and left us to clean it up. No informed person can honestly say there is no progress in Mosul.


Dad pointed me to this one at NRO:

Isn't it at least significant that not one in 100 thought invading Iraq was a mistake? Was it mere coincidence that a random selection of 100 soldiers all believe their mission is worthwhile? Should we detect the hand of the Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy in the fact that the vast majority of the troops find the media coverage of the war ignorant, harmful, or both?

I'm proud to say that, for a week, the soldiers had their say.


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