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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Rebuild The Twin Towers!

In light of today's attacks in London, we in America should seriously consider the plans for the site of the World Trade Center. I heard about this on Andrew Wilco's show out of Albany (810 WGY) and I think it's exactly what should be done:

The Twin Towers II project features two 115-story buildings similar only in form to the prior Twin Towers, but otherwise completely re-engineered with today’s technological and safety enhancements.
The project features a significant memorial to those who perished on 9/11. The memorial complex consists of the original Twin Tower footprints delineated by five stories of their original curtain walls, or facsimile thereof. Each footprint would contain a granite wall with the names of those who perished in each Tower. The flags of 88 nations whose citizens died that day would be represented in the footprints. Those portions of the footprints not impacted on by the PATH train would be open to bedrock. A third memorial would be built for those who perished outside the Twin Towers. The memorial complex also includes a 12-story 480,000 square-foot memorial museum with burial crypts for un-identified remains, and a 12-story curved tower of meditation. The memorial, while occupying six acres of land can be considered 18 acres or more when counting the above- and below-grade floor plates of the memorial museum.

Twin Towers II was specifically designed to achieve two goals heretofore considered irreconcilable: to properly honor those who died on 9/11, while simultaneously serving the needs of the living.


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