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Monday, July 25, 2005


Jeff's Got It Right

If for no other reason (and there are actually plenty), this is why I love Protein Wisdom:

The bottom line is, the US has amassed the most powerful military on earth; and it is hardly a sin to admit to that, or to admit to a willingness to consider every option available to us when it comes to waging a war that has been declared and waged against us. The idea that Tancredo’s remarks will somehow inflame those in Arab street not already inclined to such anti-American hysteria is at best dubious—and, in the most important regard, completely irrelevant. I see nothing wrong with reminding the world, as Tancredo has, that the US is a military superpower that, while it doesn’t act rashly—and while it strives to fight the most the most humane wars possible (deploying smart munitions and working constantly to improve the precision of its weaponry to reduce civilian casualties)—is, first and foremost, a protector of US citizens. (emphasis mine)
Whatever you thoughts on a potential response to a devastating nuclear attack on our country might be, bear in mind that an us vs. them mentality might be all that saves us from complete annihilation.


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