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Friday, July 22, 2005


From The Trenches: New London Update

I just received an update from Michael Cristofaro, who is one of the Fort Trumble homeowners involved in the Kelo case. According to Michael, the IJ has filed a reconsideration with the Supreme Court, and so the city can't take any action until that is resolved. With any luck, the delay will be long enough for the CT legislature to get off their (Democrat) butts and pass a law protecting landowners from land-grabbing cities.

Michael thought there might be a private detective snooping around to figure out who actually lives on the disputed properties. The reason being that the land-grabbers are trying to shift the debate. The issue here is whether or not a government can take my land and give it to a private company/entity. The issue here is not whether a government can take land I live on and give it away at will.

Be aware of this painfully obvious moving-of-the-proverbial-goalposts. Ownership is the issue, not residence!


In other CT eminent domain news, here are two recent pieces. The first was apparently authored by a member of the CT legislature...but his/her name is not revealed (I'm not sure if it was a mistake or not). The second is an article on a proposed ordnance in Branford that would define restrictions on eminent domain takings.

Connecticut's eminent domain laws should be revised

Eminent Domain Limitation Ordinance Proposed


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