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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


DC Anti-Gun Meeting

Here's what went down at the meeting:

D.C. Residents Rally in Support of Gun Restrictions
Kris Hammond, a member of D.C. Young Republicans, challenged the city's gun laws, saying they leave some women vulnerable to domestic attacks.

He asked, hypothetically, about a woman with a restraining order against her ex-husband who needed to fend him off as he tried to break into her house.

"What should she do" if the police don't show up in time, he asked.

Ramsey, who also was on stage, responded that the presence of guns in households often results in more violence.
Ah yes, way to counter from the Left with reasoned arguments. I'm supposed to believe that an armed strong man is more of a threat to his weaker armed wife and an unarmed strong man is to his unarmed weaker wife? Amazing powers of logic, you smuck!


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