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Monday, July 25, 2005


Brazilian Shot In London

Two things about this Brazilian man killed by British police. First, if he had not run, he would still be alive today. When the police tell you to stop, you either do so or take your life into your own hands. Makes a guy wonder if Jean Charles de Menezes might have been guilty of something that made him run.

Second, this is somewhat telling:

LONDON (Reuters) - British police say more members of the public could be shot in error as they escalate their battle against terrorism and hunt for four men who tried to set off explosions on London's transport system last week.
The shooting has sparked intense debate about the shoot-to-kill policy in a country that takes prides in having a largely unarmed police force. Only 10 percent of police in London routinely carry weapons.
Ah yes. The high-minded ideal of an unarmed populace and police force lasts right up until there's an actual threat. Then, the streets of Britain run with the blood of misidentified innocents.

Does anyone remember police in the US (100% of whom are armed) shooting anybody following 9/11/01? How about armed citizens taking to the streets to kill innocents? So far, it would seem that the current helpless-loving incarnation of the Brits is a bit misleading. If you're going to expound the virtues of being helpless, you should really stick to it through thick and thin.

Me? I'll stick with large calibers myself.


Vodkapunit points out the biased reporting of this story.


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