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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The States’ Rights Tradition Nobody Knows

Including yours truly. Read this great piece by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. and lament the loss of our Rights to the overwhelming power usurped by the Federal Government!

I thought this portion was particularly relevant to the Kelo decision:

"When the general government encroaches upon the rights of the State, is it a safe principle to admit that a portion of the encroaching power shall have the right to determine finally whether an encroachment has been made or not? In fact, most of the encroachments made by the general government flow through the Supreme Court itself, the very tribunal which claims to be the final arbiter of all such disputes. What chance for justice have the States when the usurpers of their rights are made their judges? Just as much as individuals when judged by their oppressors. It is therefore believed to be the right, as it may hereafter become the duty of the State governments, to protect themselves from encroachments, and their citizens from oppression, by refusing obedience to the unconstitutional mandates of the federal judges."
Apparently the Court's outrageous actions are nothing new. They've been ongoing since at least 1825.

(Of course, I must mention that I take issue with the concept of “States’ Rights”. States, like any other governmental organization, may have powers but never Rights. Only individuals have Rights.)


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