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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The Individual vs. The Collective

A great post over at Hubs and Spokes:

One of the ways in which law can be unjust, says Thomas, is “when burdens are imposed unequally on the community, although with a view to the common good. The like are acts of violence rather than laws.” The court's decision in Kelo makes the same error as forms of economic collectivism: that economic flourishing can be accomplished at the expense of individual property rights. And in so doing the court undermines rather than supports a critical foundation for economic development. True human and community flourishing cannot be accomplished at the expense of security and recognition of private property.
Exactly. This is one of the basic disagreements between the Right and Left in this country. Conservatives see the individual as supreme (and have the Founders on their side) while Liberals see the collective as supreme (and have socialism and communism on their side). As I do not believe all that many people are going to change their minds, our only recourse is to win the battle in the legislature and courts.

So...go to the rally in New London next Tuesday!


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