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Monday, May 30, 2005


Who's Dangerous?

The Minuteman are called all sorts of names, they're accusing of being racists, bigots, etc., and every time a media outlet mentions them they include a phrase like, ...patrolled the border, some of them armed...

The insinuation, of course, is that these so-called vigilantes (which isn't necessairly a bad thing to be, if you actually look at the definition...nothing about violence at all) are evil and dangerous. Of course, during the month that they patrolled the Arizona border I don't recall hearing about any of these evil immigrant haters actually shooting or otherwise hurting anyone at all. Heck, they haven't even called anyone bad names ("illegal immigrant", by the way, is not a "bad name").

In stark contrast:

More than 150 demonstrators used placards and bullhorns and waved Mexican flags to get their message out: "Racists, go home!" they screamed.


A protest against Gilchrist [a leader of the Minutemen organization] in California turned violent when demonstrators hurled rocks and unopened soda cans at police and people attending his speech.
So, who are the bad guys here? The Minutemen, who simply watched the border and are against illegal immigration, or the bleeding heart smucks who cry about "creating division" and then throw things at police and people innocently gathering to listen to a speech?


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