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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


My Heart Bleeds

Oh yes. The sadness that comes over me when I think of these awful conditions. I just don't know how I'll keep it together:

Dramatic details of conditions at Camp Cropper, the top-secret Baghdad prison where Saddam Hussein is being held, have been revealed by a senior UN weapons inspector.


He said there were about 100 prisoners kept at the 'bleak' prison, which consists of three rows of single-story buildings with tiny two-metre square cells and no windows. The cells have steel doors with a metal flap a metre from the ground.

He said: 'Sometimes the prisoners would push the flap open to look out into the exercise yard or to get fresh air. The guards could lock the flap as punishment. Exercise was permitted on a rotation basis for half-hour a day though this was increased to an hour after the Red Cross protested in January 2004. Other prisoners shared larger accommodation sleeping on camp stretchers. Many, he said, have spent more than 18 months in solitary confinement.
We are talking about individuals who ran on of the more brutal governments in the 20th century, right? I guess Saddam and his henchpeople deserve cable TV (complete with HBO, of course), workout facilities and unsupervised "free time" to visit friends and family.

They're lucky we're not hanging them by their little toes from London Bridge.


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