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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Fragile Feelings

I'll tell you what. I'm sick and tired of all this PC crap that we can never hurt anyone's feelings. Or at least certain, PC-protected groups of people's feelings anyway. Two recent stories bring this up:

Mexico's Fox Regrets Comment About Blacks

Pakistan dismisses Newsweek retraction on Koran

The first refers to a comment by Mexican President Fox who said that illegal Mexicans in the US do jobs that "not even blacks" will do. Insensitive, absolutely. Accurate...maybe. But the accuracy of such a statement is irrelevant to the PC crowd. Now before anyone jumps down my throat for being so insensitive I would like to advance two things in my defense: 1) I don't claim to be sensitive, so don't bother and 2) Fox's statement was offensive, but not in the way everyone seems to be taking it.

The issue here is not that there are jobs "even blacks" won't do. The issue is that there are jobs "even Americans" won't do. This idea that some jobs are below an "American" is absolutely absurd. Could someone please point out what these jobs are? My guess would be things along the lines of cleaning public restrooms, farm-handing, etc. Ask yourself, Why won't "Americans" do these jobs? Hum? Could it be the warped sense of entitlement that we have allowed to bloom into a putrid, weeping sore on the face of our society?

The very idea that some "Americans" are sitting on their dead asses while these jobs go unfilled except by illegal immigrants really gets my blood boiling. Oh, and one more question. If "Americans" will not do these jobs, what makes you think that an illegal Mexican will continue to do it once we give him amnesty? After all, then he'll be fully eligible to sit on his dead ass and let the next (absolutely assured) wave of illegals do those "undesirable" jobs.

So let's get over these fragile feelings and focus on the real problem. If certain "blacks" (and other "Americans") didn't have a guilty conscious, they wouldn't be offended by such comments. On the other hand, if Fox had been accurate by saying "jobs that no American will do" we should not have been offended by his comment because we would have already been embarrassed by our fellow countrymen's self-imposed dishonor and/or your own self confidence that you are not a lazy SOB who thinks a job is below you.

The second article concerns Newsweek's recent debacle of an article on US interrogators allegedly flushing a Koran down the toilet at Gitmo. They seriously screwed up and, I think, should be severely punished by their (hopefully former) readers. Considering that this specific article lead directly to something like 16 deaths I think they deserve whatever they get (although not from the government, don't even start down that road). The point I really want to make here concerns a quote from Pakistani Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. He said:

"The apology and retraction are not enough...They should understand the sentiments of Muslims and think 101 times before publishing news which hurt feelings of Muslims."
Excuse me? What, do Muslims have super fragile "feelings" that simply cannot stand being hurt? This is yet another example of a subset of a group being overly sensitive as a result of an inferiority complex. There are Muslims in this world (too many, I think) who have an inferiority complex relative to the West and our culture. I know, many would claim that they disagree at a fundamental level with our religion, society and general depravity and it is that which leads to their dislike/hatred for us. I don't agree. I would argue that it is actually their religious ego that cannot stand to be insulted...and they see our very culture as a direct insult to their (all-important) religion.

This is an important distinction, I'm not just splitting hairs for fun. If it really were a fundamental, intellectual disagreement, we might have a shot at reaching some sort of understanding that would allow us to live in peace...and that may very well be the case for the more moderate Muslims (assuming they really exist). However, for those who share the sentiments of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, it would appear that the only way we can ever live in peace is if we "think 101 times" before doing anything that might possibly, on some distant day, on some distant planet, insult a thin-skinned Muslim (with apologies to Ben Stein). To that I say:

Grow up, stop whining, stop killing innocent people because some idiot editor of Newsweek seriously messed up and for the love of God (that's right, I said God) start bringing your countries into the 21st century so we can stop spending billions to kill the terrorists you keep breeding.

Boy, I sure hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings.


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