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Monday, May 23, 2005


The Arrogance Of These Fools!

Get this. The UN has had an epiphany:

A turning point came in 2000 after rebels in Sierra Leone killed some peacekeepers and took hundreds more hostage. The United Nations commissioned a review, headed by Lakhdar Brahimi, a former foreign minister of Algeria, which called for troops to be deployed more rapidly in peace enforcement operations. "No amount of good intentions can substitute for the fundamental ability to project credible force," the so-called Brahimi Report said. (emphasis added)
If you will pardon this rare break from my usual clean-mouthness: No Shit!

The arrogance of these idiots at the UN amazes even me. They create a commission to study the problem, spend (I'm sure) hundreds of thousands of man-hours (oh, sorry, person-hours (or is it perdaughter-hours?)) on the issue and then come out the this "statement". And as if that weren't enough they make a pronouncement that is so painfully obvious that it nearly made my head split down the middle by just reading it.

Then, to add insult to (near) injury the fine "reporters" at Old Grey Lady throw in this little tid bit:

United Nations peacekeepers in Congo were not always so gung-ho. For years, they were criticized for huddling in their camps as atrocities recurred in the countryside. Now, some critics condemn them for being too aggressive. And critics also denounce the sexual abuse of girls by some peacekeepers.
Wait, did you miss it? Did it go by too fast? Let me run that by everyone again:

And critics also denounce the sexual abuse of girls by some peacekeepers.
Umm...I don't seem to remember the "abuses" of Abu Ghraib being treated so offhandedly. And if you will recall, those pictures from Abu Ghraib (at least the undoctored ones) were of individuals being (allegedly) mistreated who were at least suspected of being terrorists. The UN "peacekeepers", on the other hand, have engaged in the brutal and merciless rape of "some" innocent and defenseless young women and girls in the Congo.


Not surprising, but amazing just the same.


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