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Friday, May 06, 2005



I just can't take this global warming crap anymore! Seriously:

Clear skies end global dimming

Quirin Schiermeier

Earth's air is cleaner, but this may worsen the greenhouse effect.


Reductions in industrial emissions in many countries, along with the use of particulate filters for car exhausts and smoke stacks, seem to have reduced the amount of dirt in the atmosphere and made the sky more transparent.

That sounds like very good news. But the researchers say that more solar energy arriving on the ground will also make the surface warmer, and this may add to the problems of global warming. More sunlight will also have knock-on effects on cloud cover, winds, rainfall and air temperature that are difficult to predict.
So, we've (apparently) managed to make the air cleaner by spending billions on technology to reduce emissions from power plants, cars, etc. and we're still causing global warming? Does this get your BS detector pinging?

This little bit, however, takes the proverbial cake:

The researchers argue that this trend, commonly called 'global dimming', reversed more than a decade ago, probably following the collapse of communist economies and the consequent decrease in industrial pollutants.
Wait just a second. The US isn't a communist country. We haven't collapsed. How is it that the air is getting cleaner? I thought it was the evil US that was responsible for raping the environment! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria! I'm so confused!


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