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Friday, February 04, 2005


Ward Churchill Getting The Boot?

It looks like Ward Churchill (previous post 1 and 2) may be paying the piper for his idiocy:

AURORA, Colo. - University of Colorado administrators Thursday took the first steps toward a possible dismissal of a professor who likened World Trade Center victims to a notorious Nazi.

Interim Chancellor Phil DiStefano ordered a 30-day review of Ward Churchill's speeches and writings to determine if the professor overstepped his boundaries of academic freedom and whether that should be grounds for dismissal.
Of course, there were some at the meeting, and elsewhere, who support this guy. From my point of view, it's too bad that he is currently employed by a public institution. If he were a professor at a private university, they would have every right to fire is sorry butt.

The question really is where we draw the line on academic freedom and, to some extent, the Freedom of Speech itself. I say to some extent because no one is demanding that Ward be quiet. The issue here is whether or not he can/should be fired for his comments. Personally, if I were in charge he would already be picking up his personal belongings from the dumpster outside the cafeteria. Unfortunately I have not received a call from any dean at UC seeking my sage advice. Still, I wonder what the response from Ward Churchill's supporters would be if he said that the victims of Ted Kaczynski deserved what they got. After all, Ted targeted people, at least in part, because he thought they were hurting the environment. Do you think he'd get any support at all? The only reason this guy might hold on to his job is because to fire him could be seen as disrespecting extreme, radical Islam and we know that will only make them mad. After all, Ward really feels for the poor, oppressed people of the Middle East...but only when they're being oppressed by the evil United States. Surely he never lost a second's worth of sleep over the hundreds of thousands raped, tortured and fed feet-first into plastic shredders. Yep, you've certainly got it all figured out Mr. Churchill. Keep up the good work.

Oh, and yes...I'll take fries with that. (Just thought he could use the practice).


We all know he's a dirtbag...but is he a pitiful liar too?


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