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Friday, February 04, 2005


Social Insecurity

Hannity had a montage of various Democrats from past and present tell us, alternatively, that Social Security is in crisis (Clinton and Gore in the 90's) and that it's just fine (the usual suspects following the SOTU). While the waffling (don't you miss the waffler?) brought a rueful smile to my face, I was left wishing there were a convenient and permanent illustration of this amazing, bald-faced hypocrisy. I must have been thinking pretty loud because the NE Republican has provided just what I was looking for:


Yesterday, some Democrats booed during the State of the Union Address while President Bush was talking about Social Security. They specifically booed while he was stating that Social Security will go bankrupt by the year 2042. Besides being crass and childish, the booing showed these democrats to be the hypocrites that they are.

To back up this point, I went back and looked at all of President Clinton's State of the Union speeches. Here is what he had to say about Social Security during his presidency:


Secondly, the only change we are making in Social Security is one that has already been publicized. The plan does ask older Americans with higher incomes, who do not rely solely on Social Security to get by, to contribute more. This plan will not affect the 80 percent of Social Security recipients who do not pay taxes on Social Security now. Those who do not pay tax on Social Security now will not be affected by this plan.
Now why would he want to change Social Security if there is nothing wrong with it?
There's more. Check it out.


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