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Saturday, February 12, 2005


New HIV Strain

There has apparently been a new strain of HIV discovered that is particularly nasty:

Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- New York City doctors have discovered a man with a previously unseen strain of HIV that is resistant to three of the four types of anti-viral drugs that combat the disease, and progresses from infection to full-blown AIDS in two or three months, the health department said.
I've got to admit that I'm always a little conflicted when it comes to things like this. I really do feel for the people who have contracted HIV. Although it's not the death sentence it once was, life is not easy living with the disease (and the treatment) and it certainly does shorten one's life.

However, the other side of me sees HIV for what it is. HIV is the most preventable diseases known to human beings. Victims of bad blood transfusions, children born to HIV-positive mothers and women in places of the world where they honestly don't have a choice as to with whom they have sex are among the only cases that are not the fault of the infected individual. I know that someone out there just came down with a case of boiling-blood at my apparent callous disregard for the majority of HIV-positive people out there. Well, what can I say other than...face reality.

In the US we have the power to stop the vast majority of HIV transmission. Although the answer may not be popular, it's right there nonetheless. I don't suppose people are going to stop having multiple, anonymous partners any time soon. But just remember, although we certainly should sympathize with this man who has the new strain of HIV, he absolutely, 100%, could have avoided it.


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