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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Morris: Draft Condi

Dick Morris wrote a piece for The Hill yesterday discussing the pros of a Rice bid for the Presidency in '08. He suggests that although she is not planning to run for President, a grass roots 'draft Condi' movement might convince her to give it a shot. The reason I bring this article up, aside from that fact that I would vote for her in a heartbeat, is that Mr. Morris really hits the nail on the head towards the end of the piece when he writes:

Condi Rice is a work in progress. Her rise has been impelled by her merits and achievements rather than any efforts on her part to curry favor in the media. She is still working and still progressing. But keep your eye on this political star. It is rising and may one day be ascendant.
That is exactly right. She has made it to where she is today based on her extremely impressive intellect, work ethic and resulting achievements. This is in stark contrast to the vast majority of politicians (and one in particular -cough-Hillary-cough-) who have made their way of the political ladder by, well, playing politics (and -cough-marrying the 'right' person-cough-). I think this would be a huge benefit come November 2008. There would obviously be attacks against her citing the WMD issues, etc. But I think that, on balance, she would run a clean, upbeat and politely devastating campaign. In the end, I think that the nation would choose Condi over Hillary, easily.


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