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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Evolution vs. ID: Round (Lucky) 13

David recently responded to a post from Whispers in the Airstreams concerning the issue of evolution vs. intelligent design. His post got me to thinking and something came to me that I don't think I have expressed in quite this way before.

I think some of the problem I have with ID is that, in part (and as I've argued before), I believe that God 'plays by the rules.' It is certainly possible that 'the rules' include His direct creation of each species individually. As we have established, there is no direct evidence for or against evolution or ID (since we have never observed a true speciation event). So, when pressed I choose evolution because there is not a single other example in science illustrating God's direct intervention. Why? Because God's direct intervention is defined as a miracle and, since it is unrepeatable by humans, such occurrences (if they occur) are outside the realm of science.

In the end I ask myself a question: Reality as I know it appears to play by a set of laws. Bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, we can select for traits (and therefore genetic combinations) that we find desirable (dogs, etc.) to name just two microevolutionary examples. So, why would God decide that He needed to 'break the rules' (as we know them) to mediate the Creation of Life?

My answer is that I can't think of a single good reason why He would while every observation I make and every bit of science I know* argues that there is not one reason why 1) He would or 2) He would need to.

Finally, as I have argued previously, I think that evolution is at least generally, and perhaps exquisitely, compatible with the Bible. I know that David disagrees with me, but I have yet to be convinced that I am in error (although, as always, that is entirely possible).

So, the question I would ask David is: Can you cite one reason why you believe that God 'broke the rules' to directly Create each and every species on Earth?

(And if anyone is going to suggest the evolution is incompatible with Genesis please read the consider my argument here in response to David's "first post").


*While there are obviously problems with the theory of evolution, I am still not convinced that the spontaneous genesis of Life and its subsequent evolution are impossible.


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