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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Back In One Piece

As a (very =)) few of you may have noticed I disappeared for a week or so. I had a perfectly good reason...skiing in Utah! The mountains are amazing and we all had a great time. The whole group took a ton of pictures and, as usual, I am disappointed by the camera's inability to transmit the true majesty of the landscape. I guess it's really a blessing in disguise since it makes everyone go there in person to get the full effect. If you ever get the chance, take it! You won't be disappointed.

Here are a few of the pictures we managed to take in between skiing through the trees and catching our breath. As it turns out, even relatively in-shape sea-level lungs are still just sea-level lungs =). Who knew?

The drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon Posted by Hello

The switchback on the way up Big Cottonwood canyon. Posted by Hello

Me with some of Brighton in the background. Posted by Hello

Riding up a high-speed quad at Brighton. Posted by Hello

View from the top of Brighton across Big Cottonwood Canyon. Posted by Hello

If you're ever looking for us on the mountain, enter here =). Posted by Hello

Action shot of yours truly. As usual, pictures just can't seem to convey the terrain. Posted by Hello

The first of three shots just prior to moderate disaster. From left to right: Kurt, Me, Hal. Posted by Hello

2nd of 3 shots just prior to moderate disaster. From left to right: Me, Hal. Note the orange poles. They signify something important that neither of us had picked up on when this image was captured. Posted by Hello

The last of three pictures just prior to moderate disaster. It had just dawned on me that there was a 10-foot drop directly in front of us that ended in a very flat cat-walk. Unfortunatley, my uncle Hal realzied this just a moment too late, did a Superman dive off the drop and dislocated his left shoulder. While it could have been worse, it definitely was not good. But not to worry too much... Posted by Hello

...he returned... Posted by Hello

...and he did not stand still =). Posted by Hello

We all had a great time and everyone survived. I know I said it before, but the mountains of Utah are absolutely beautiful. Combine that with the fact that their state's license plates don't lie and you've got skiers' paradise. Until next year...


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