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Thursday, February 03, 2005



...sort of.

Drudge leads with this headline, but it really doesn't mean anything. He starts out insinuating that American Idol was watched by more people than the SOTU:

The U.S broadcast TV audience would rather watch freaks sing out of tune than President Bush and Democrats wax politics, overnight ratings show.

One hour of IDOL on one network pulled a higher ratings average than 2 hours of STATE OF THE UNION -- on three networks, combined!
But that doesn't really mean anything. First of all, if the SOTU had been only one one channel, then everyone who wanted to watch it would have tuned in to that one station. So of course you have to combine the ratings of the networks. Then, consider this:

Flying solo without Democrats during the 9 PM [ET] hour, Bush did top IDOL...
But when Bush left the stage, and the Democrats and media analysis took over, the numbers faded.
Yep, that's when I stopped watching too. Who cares? The point is that people watched the SOTU and -gasp- felt like the didn't need anyone to tell them what to think (and/or, they were tired and ready for bed like me).

Finally, Drudge concludes with:

All numbers do not include cable news coverage of the Washington event.
Oh, so since I watched the SOTU on FoxNews I didn't get counted in this analysis.

I don't say this often, but I will now. Matt, what are you doing?


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