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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Satanist Beaten...

...and the beaters might be charged with a hate crime. Ok, so we're going to make up this thing called 'hate crime' to protect those that PCism demands we pay special attention to. Well, were does it end?

"If the accusation was that he was black or Asian or Latino or Jewish, it's one thing," he said. "They see this as a religious practice. It's a dispute between kids, the same way you have the nerds, the jocks, the artsy kids and the teacher's pets. What's next? Someone being accused of attacking a preppie, or a nerd?"
The second part of that question is great, it asks where does this stop?. However, the first part simply takes as a matter of course that attacking a "black or Asian or Latino or Jewish" individual is somehow more hateful than attacking, oh I don't know, ME. Calling any attack a 'hate crime' implies that other crime is less hateful. This is not something that a fair and open-minded society does.


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