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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Marines Unarmed

It's one thing to deploy our Marines to serve as 'humanitarian' aid when a disaster strikes half a whole away, but to disarm them?! This is absolutely outrageous:

ABOARD THE USS BONHOMME RICHARD (AP) -- Cpl. Sean Foley looks around the ship's main armory and takes a quick inventory. The room is overflowing with guns. Pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers.


But Indonesian officials have also been reluctant to let the Marines come ashore with their weapons because of the image that might project.

"We are very concerned about force protection,'' Greenwood said. "But if you go in there and look like an invading force instead of a humanitarian force, that could be just as detrimental as having no security whatsoever. So you have to balance it.''
"...as detrimental as having no security whatsoever"?! I do not have words to describe my absolute disgust for this decision. You don't like armed Marines helping your dying citizens, Indonesia? Fine, starve and die. If you want our help you'll just have to put up with Marines wearing sidearms and being protected by heavily armed Marine guards.

Invading army, you say? You'll know we've invaded when your capital is a pile of warm mud, your former leader is found in a stinking hole and you see Americans feeding your people.

Well, I guess that makes sense considering all the other countries we have invaded and ruled by force for decades...oh, wait. There isn't a single example to suggest that the US invades countries to stick around and rule them.

This is absolute drivel and I am unspeakably disgusted with everyone who has put our boys in harms way. Force protection or image protection? Who the hell is making the decisions around here?!


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