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Thursday, December 09, 2004


The New Media

A huge advantage of the New Media (blogs, cable TV, etc.) is that people can now get relatively unfiltered information. Definitely an improvement. However, a danger inherent in this new world of widely available information is that people will choose to only pay attention to those who offer opinions (and spin, of course) that fits with their preconceived notions. This is bad and should be avoided.

For the most part Bloggers seem to do a good job pointing to those who disagree with them and providing criticism. Unfortunately, I just ran across a contrary example. I took part in some of this exchange between ISOU and Say Anything here. Although the debate was heated, I thought it had ended relatively well and so I was disappointed to see this post at Say Anything:

Apparently I’m obsessed. That’s what David from ISOU thinks anyway.

Rob, get a [explicative deleted] life! You don’t like what I write, don’t link, kick me off your blogroll and read something you do! If I spent as much time picking selective pieces from your Blog and having a pissy hissy over them, as you do, I would have to rename my [explicative deleted] Blog to “The Anti Rob.”
Apparently, David has had enough and thinks that we should not get on each other’s cases to the extent that Rob apparently has. This is a subjective judgment and David is obviously entitled to his opinion of when enough is enough. I just think that it's unfortunate when someone suggests that you should go read things you agree with and ignore those you don't. In the long run, not terribly constructive.


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