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Thursday, December 02, 2004


MoDo Makes A Discovery!

That's right folks, Maureen Dowd has made a startling discovery. It took quite a stumbling effort, but she finally managed to brush up against something resembling Truth. Here's how she starts out her latest column:

It's the End of an Era. A momentous change.

Tonight on NBC, one tall and handsome white male anchor with bespoke clothes will replace another tall and handsome white male anchor with bespoke clothes.
Obviously, somewhere out there are some cranky old (male, obviously) TV execs who simply refuse to remove that pesky old glass ceiling. MoDo goes on and on about how it's still a man's world and women just aren't being given a fair shake in the TV business. Then, without warning and in a seemingly-unconscious stab at a Fundamental Truth, she closes her column with this:

But my pal admits that she watched Mr. Brokaw partly because he was "eye candy," and declares women at fault in this matter: "Women like to read books about men and go to movies about men. But men don't like to read books about women or go to movies about women. The only way this is going to change is if women refuse to watch men. And the problem is, women like watching men."
Maureen! Are you actually admitting that there are differences between men and women? Amazing!

The irony of her position is that it seems she is blaming the 'system' (i.e., evil white male TV execs) for the lack of female talking heads on the nightly (more and more obsolete) broadcast TV news. Then she has the brass to close the column with the assertion that people (men and women) want to watch a distinguished-looking male read from a teleprompter. What's a mindless New York Times reader to do?


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