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Monday, December 06, 2004


Baseball, Steroids And Uncle Sam

Could someone please explain to me what business it is of the Federal Government to determine when and how baseball players are tested for steroids? Last time I checked players using steroids didn't pose a direct threat to the public (while actively in their role as players, while acting as private citizens is a different matter), so why does Congress have any interest in this? If it's against the law to use steroids and someone is caught, prosecute them. Amazing blast of insight, I know, but it seems like a reasonable idea.

The whole business stinks of government imposing itself in a place it simply doesn't belong. Not to mention reeking of one huge publicity-seeking, grandstanding bunch of crap.

And, since I'm sure it will come up, I don't buy the 'role model' arguemnt:

"The important aspect of this issue is that high school kids all over America believe that this is the only way they can make it. Ask any high school coach." [McCain]
"They have a responsibility, not only to the sport, but to the children of America who look up to these players," Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said on Fox News Sunday. "Quite frankly, it's overdue."
Ah yes. Doing it for The ChildrenTM.

Are these guys role models? Sure. But how in the world does that give Congress the right to tell a private organization how to test for drugs?


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