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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Racial Preferences In Law School Admissions

As I mentioned before, Rick Sander is guest-blogging at Volokh on the issue of race in law school admissions. Today was the second installment (here is the first). These are well worth reading. He is doing a very good job of turning the huge study he published into something everyone can understand. Here's the money paragraph so far:

Taking the graduation effect and the bar effect together, and one finds that only 45% of blacks who started law school in 1991 graduated and passed the bar on their first attempt (compared to 80% of whites). Again, this is not a "racial" effect, but a preferences effect. I find in my analysies that the graduate-and-pass rate for blacks would rise to 74% in a preference-free system -- still a little lower than the white rate, but only because the distribution of black credentials is lower than the white distribution.
Read it all. Interesting stuff.


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