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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Picture This

Last night I was watching Hannity and Colmes and they were discussing the basketball fight. Their guest was a sports agent, although I didn't catch whether he was actually Artest's agent or not. In any case, the agent was telling us just how unfair it is to deprive this poor guy of his ability to play the game and draw a salary for the rest of the year. As I've said before, I won't be happy untill players who do things like this are banned for ever. Seem a bit harsh? Consider this:

You're working at a trendy coffee shop making $10/hour. You get into an argument with a coworker and it gets violent. However, shoving is as far as it goes and you back off to avoid further conflict. Then, some costomer throws a cup of water and hits you in the head. Of course, you weren't looking across the counter at the time so you didn't see who did the deed. So...you jump over the counter and start swinging. You manage to land a few solid rights some guy's skull before you're pulled off. As you might imagine, your manager is pretty pissed, as is the company owner. They decided that they're really going to teach you a lesson. You will be suspended for one year without pay. After that time you will be allowed to come back to work at your full salary because you are, after all, an otherwise great employee and you draw costmers to the store by virture of your greatness.

Does anyone want to tell me that is a likely senairo? No? Then why is it that this dirtbag punk who assaulted a paying customer (and an apparently innocent one at that) is not being thrown the league for good?


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