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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Oh Man

I actually caught part of Rush the other day while he was offering his counseling services to any Democrats that might be suffering from post-election depression. The official psychobabble for the 'condition' is Post Election Selection Trauma or (you guessed it) PEST. Well, now some people in Florida have gotten their panties in a bunch over Rush's insensitivity. The article makes numerous references to Republicans taunting, gloating and being general meanies.

My purpose here is not to taunt anyone or make light of their disappointment over the election results. I would have been very unhappy had Kerry won. However, if he had I would have told any Republicans claiming to suffer from PEST to shut their whining traps and get on with life. So I will give the same advice to any of you on the Left who are just so distraught that you can't possibly go on. Look, we have a long and distinguished history of the peaceful transfer of power whenever the voting public dictates it. So shut up and move on already. Instead of whining about losing, why not act like winners who have suffered a temporary setback. In other words...Get back out on the field and play the damn game!

As I type this post we have brave men and women putting their individual and collective asses on the line to make this world a safer place. It makes me sick to see Americans pissing and moaning because their guy lost. Oh the humanity! How could this possibly happen? I just can't go on! I simply must move to Canada! [Whine, whine, boo-hoo].

Now that at least some of you have seen the light, I will address the holdouts. If after reading the above you still can't pull it together, I would like to offer my own diagnosis. Rather than PEST, how about labeling yourself with a syndrome I have identified just today.

I call it: W UpSets Socialists, or WUSS. So now you can kill two birds with one stone. By telling people that you are afflicted by the WUSS syndrome, they will know that 1) you are a Kerry supporter and 2) you are a WUSS.

It is my sincere desire that all affected Kerry supporters and Bush haters find an effect treatment for their WUSS. But if not, for the good of the country and your own Party, please suffer in silence. You're giving the rest of us a bad name.


Here is Rush's response.


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