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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Double Standard

I've refrained from commenting on the Marine accused of killing an apparently wounded and unarmed person in a mosque. I can no longer hold back. Let me just say up front that I do not condone the cold-blooded killing of unarmed POWs. However, I refuse to pass judgment on a young man who had been under extreme stress that I will probably never encounter, had been in combat for a week straight and had been shot in the face. Also, remember that insurgents have been faking injuries to draw our Marines and Soldiers in close and then opening fire. In my opinion, any group using those tactics deserves no protection whatsoever. So here's what today's article has to say:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - The fatal shooting of a wounded and apparently unarmed man in a Fallujah mosque by a U.S. Marine angered Sunni Muslims in Iraq on Tuesday and raised questions about the protection of insurgents once they are out of action.


However, the status of the wounded man was unclear. A different Marine unit had come under fire from the mosque on Friday. Those Marines stormed the building, killing 10 men and wounding five, according to Sites. He said Marines treated the wounded and left them.


"The troops not only violated our mosques with their sins and their boots but they stepped on our brothers' blood," said Khalil, the shop owner. "They are criminals and mercenaries. I feel guilty standing here and not doing anything."
So, I'm supposed to feel bad that an insurgent fighter was wounded and then got killed? Are you kidding me? And, we know that our boys had come under attack from this very mosque in previous days! So who was it that "violated" the mosque, might I ask? Oh, and did you hear any outcry (amplified by the Media) when Muslim fighters took up positions in the Church of the Nativity? I don't really the 'world community' clamoring that those dirty Muslims where desecrating a Christian Holy Site. And specifically one that had never been used by militant Christians as a position from which to kill Muslims.

I don't particularly care what Iraqis, or anyone else, thinks out our military’s actions in Fallujah. This all could have been avoided if the scum in the city had thrown down their weapons (made in France, Russia and/or Iran) and decided to join the future. Instead they have chosen to go down with the sinking ship of a horrible dictatorship. Good riddance.


Bloodletting has a great post on this. I particularly like this line of reasoning:

Put that Marine back on the line. He [President Bush] needs to stand tall for the troops as they have stood tall for all of us. A lot of people will complain about the message it sends to the Sunnis. Screw that trash. If they can be convinced of the legitimacy of life in a democracy, they already are. There are some people who will not change their mind, no matter the evidence supporting such a shift. What we can convince people of is that we have the will to kill them without remorse.


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