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Monday, October 04, 2004


Strengthen The Good

This month's highlighted micro-charity is Garden of Angels (STG page). Their purpose is one that cannot fail to tug at your heart:

In 1996, while I had one eye on dinner and the other on the evening news, I heard a story that would change my life. I stood frozen as I listened to the reporter’s account of the tragedy…a newborn baby boy had been stuffed into a duffel bag and tossed from a speeding car along a freeway. I couldn’t move, I just kept thinking about this child and wondering how we could have become a society that just throws their babies away as if they were a piece of trash.

I contacted the authorities and with the blessing of my family, I asked the Coroner’s office to release the baby to us for burial. While waiting for the investigation to end on this child, I learned that there was another newborn baby boy that had been found in a dumpster, and a little girl about two years of age, who was found washed up on a beach.

On August 26,1996, we had our first burial service for the three children. They were given the names of Matthew, Nathan and Dora. Each name means the same… a “Gift of God”.

In the beginning, this was an “act of love” from our family. As the word of what we were doing for these little ones spread, we knew that it was not enough for these children to touch just our hearts… we were being shown that God wanted their tiny footprints to touch the hearts of many more.
And this is not all. In addition to the heart-wrenching task of loving and buring unfortuante little ones, Debi has also taken the next step:


The Garden of Angels founder Debi Faris, began our Safe Arms for Newborns program when she contacted Sen. Jim Brulte and asked him to write legislation that would decriminalize 'safe' abandonment. Safe Arms for Newborns (SB 1368) was created to honor all babies who have lost their lives to newborn abandonment. The Garden of Angels works passionately to prevent the tragedy of newborn abandonment through our educational and outreach programs.
Read the rest and please consider helping this worthy group in any way you can.


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