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Friday, October 01, 2004



You say potatO, I say POtato(e) =). Go see the DNC's clip-fest of Bush's reactions to Kerry's various statements. It's too bad we can't hear what Kerry was saying, but watching Bush's expressions I would say that Faces of Disbelief would be a better title than Faces of Frustration. If there was any frustration on Bush's face it came from having to become a broken record by repeatedly pointing out the fact that Kerry can't take a moral stand and stick with it. If I were in the President's shoes I think I'd be somewhere between frustration and disbelief myself.

More 0.5

You should also check out the RNC's clip-fest, Kerry vs. Kerry.


I think Jeff said it well:

My thoughts, sans metaphor: Kerry didn’t come across as condescending or egregiously blue bloodish (though we all know he is), and he was far more personable tonight than I’ve ever seen him. For Bush’s part, he seemed annoyed at times—but contrary to how some are reacting to Bush’s body language, I found his demeanor a strength. To me, it said, “I have a country to protect, and the man I’m standing next to won’t do it as well as me—though he’ll tell you what you want to hear. And I’m tired of listening to his carefully crafted bullshit about international alliances when it’s clear the international community is simply not going to step up to the plate.” Overall, I call it a draw: Kerry on points, perhaps; but Bush scored big on Kerry’s “global test” remark.


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