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Monday, October 18, 2004


Liberal Sees The (Northern) Light?

I was listening to my usual radio station out of Massachusetts today (WRNX) and heard the Liberal-John-Kerry-Loving-afternoon guys talking about a recent trip one of them took to Alaska. While there he asked a local woman what she thought about drilling in ANWAR. She said (and I (para)quote):

Everyone up here thinks we should drill. I really wish you liberal, tree-huggers in Massachusetts would mind your own business.
Apparently this DJ learned (among other things) that ANWAR is a frozen tundra about which the locals say: No one goes there, nothing grows there. He also related to his attentive listeners that ANWAR encompasses 19 million acres and only 2,000 of those acres would be developed (big news...for anyone not paying attention).

Of course, he wouldn't quite go as far as saying that we should go ahead and drill up there...but at least he did manage to get the facts right.

If you're interested in more information check out the government's site, a pro-development site (and their flash video) and the Sierra Club site (as if I need to tell you which side they're on).


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