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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Explosive New Ad

Or is it New Explosive Ad? Either way, I am dumbfounded (by which I mean I found Kerry...and he's dumb) that anyone would be stupid enough to make an ad like this. Has he not read the Drudge Report lately? NBC has come out with fact that those weapons were missing before we ever got there. So what, exactly, is the President supposed to do? Is Mr. Kerry suggesting that the President appologize for not going into Iraq sooner? That's really the only way we might have gotten these explosives (not to mention any of those 'things' that 'didn't' cross over into Syria).

Again, if there's anyone to blame for missing weapons it's the smucks who held up our Liberation of Iraq in the first place. Mr. Kerry, any ideas as to whom might fit that bill?


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