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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Evolution vs. Creationism

Since David (of A Physicist's Perspective fame) (among some others) seems to be at least somewhat interested in my thoughts on the Evolution vs. Creationsism/ID debate, I thought I'd see what the Discovery Institute had to offer these days. Apparently there is a bit of back and forth going on between the aformentioned Discoery people and a group at the National Center for Science Education.

Let me just say that this 'discussion' that has developed is both healthy and indicitive of some underlying problem. First, it's healthy because this is what scientists do. One group publishes contraversial data and their competitors jump all over it with a Comment, usually in the same journal issue. In this case, however, the problem I see is that the 'discussion' is somewhat personal and not all that civil (note the use of "scare quotes" and overtly emotional language such as militantly pro-Darwin). The reason behind this, I think, are the religious implications of the Discovery Institutes' theories. The only thing more volitol than religion and science is religion and politics.

Anyway. Here are three things I plan to read (in this order) when I have the time:

Meyer's Hopless Monster
This article is in response to Dr. Meyer's article that got me going on this topic in the first place.
One Long Bluff

Neo-Darwinism’s Unsolved Problem of the Origin of Morphological Novelty

So...check them out if you're interested and be ready to take on all comers in the comments when I get around to posting about this again.

Gentlepeople (ah yes, PC)...start your thinkin' machines!


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