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Sunday, October 24, 2004


Diarrhea Of The Mouth

Drudge has some fun stuff on Rosie. Apparently, she was the headliner at a Kerry rally (although Kerry wasn't there) and the turnout was like one of those minor league baseball games where everyone gets a foul ball. In this case, everyone just got foul:

Rosie continued: "Every single thing this White House has done goes against the foundation of what our country was built on. For us to tell the United Nations we would ignore their doctrine and their resolutions, for us to say that we will not adhere to the Geneva Convention during this war. We are America, we are better than that. We were built on the foundation of freedom and truth and equality for all people. And the rich, corporate, horrible, horrible people who have been destructing and ruining everything this country was made on has been really unbelievably damaging to all of us spiritually, emotionally, monetarily."
I think that perhaps Rosie has absolutely no idea what the "foundation" of our country is. Sure, she says things like "freedom and truth and equality for all people." Her problem (well, one of her problems anyway) is that she has no idea how those very important virtues are obtained in the first place and maintained over time. She, like most of the Left, has a huge problem connecting the War on Terror with the maintenance of our Liberties.

That's her philosophical problem. Her practical problems include that she thinks our country was "built" on 1) the United Nations and their (meaningless resolutions) and 2) the Geneva Convention. Further, she thinks that this country was even exist without "rich, corporate, horrible, horrible people" who, by the way, are the ones who pay the salaries of audience (broad generalization...but you get the point).

I don't know why I bother even commenting on people like Rosie. I guess she just pisses me off enough that it's either blog about it or drive people around me crazy. At least you've got the option to just surf on =).


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