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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Bloggin' For Dubah

Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush has posted his interview with Richard Miniter, author of Shadow War. From what I've read tonight, it's a good discussion about how we are winning the War on Terror:

RICHARD MINITER: In my book, Shadow War, I argue that, on balance, America is winning the war on terror.

Here's the key statistic: More 3,000 al Qaeda fighters have been seized or slain since 9-11 in 102 different countries. That shows that the effort is larger than the public has been told--3,000 may be equal to one-quarter of al Qaeda's total strength--and far more global than the public believes. If you destroy a division of the enemy and it does not score a comparable victory against you, you are winning. That is the position of the U.S. today.
Check it out.


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