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Saturday, September 18, 2004


Welcome To The 'World Community'

Just over a month ago I blogged that there was a plan by the Bush Administration to allow out November elections to be monitored by outside observers. Back then I was unaware of the independent efforts to have our elections monitored. It would appear that a group called Global Exchange is also going to be inviting some outside observers to keep tabs on our electoral process (via The Command Post).

I am still insulted that anyone thinks that we need to have our elections monitored. Consider from whence these various 'observers' hail:

Argentina, Australia, England, Canada, Chile, Ghana, India, Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, Thailand, Wales and Zambia.
Call me crazy, but I haven't exactly heard great things from any number of these countries concerning their electoral processes. I'm sure some would say that such experience would be advantage in finding problems here. Perhaps.

The basic problem I have with international observers keeping tabs on our elections is that in doing so we are moving down a road that leads to surrendering our national sovereignty. This is just the sort of thing that JF-ingK-types love. They want the US to be dependent and subservient to the World Community because they feel that we are somehow not worthy of our current standing in the world. They are filled with such self-loathing that they would rather let the World Community decide our future rather than take fate into their own hands and do what they can to make this country a better place. That is what gets under my skin about this whole situation.

As for the observers that Bush as invited, I can only hope that his plan is to use them as leverage against any potential attacks by the observers brought in by independent groups like Global Exchange. But even if this is the case, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


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